At skywalk, our fascination for the power of wind is what unites us.

The interaction of wind and cloth has intrigued man since the beginning of time; new ways of locomotion are constantly being invented and tested...

We live in the 21st century, and we benefit from the full range of possibilities available to us. Each year there are more.

Whether with paragliders in the air, surfkites on the water and in the air, or sailboats on the water's surface; all of our sports have one thing in common: wind is used to create lift and drive. We at skywalk want to perfect the methods of locomotion with windpower

and find new ways as well. When we succeed in instilling our products with our love for the elements of air and water, then others who live for fun in the air and on the water profit as well.

The skywalk Team



JET FLAP, wind tunnel, simulation, CAD - all supports, in constructing the best paragliders. But the deciding factor is: heart and soul!

The brain trust at skywalk has been occupied for more than a decade with the systematics of flexible wings. The methods have changed by leaps and bounds since then, but the passion of the creators remains the same. Line specialist or test pilot, each skywalk partner is an absolute craftsman in his field. With the founding of skywalk, all have the opportunity to implement their own ideas. The success of the skywalk products motivates the partners together with the entire team of skywalkers.

This motivation provides for innovation and continuity in research and development.


In the booming market of surf kites, FLYSURFER plays a decisive role. As market leader in the field of RAM-air kites, FLYSURFER swims successfully against the tide of tube kites.

Continuous new system solutions are the result of successful cooperation with the paragliding sector. According to current market analysis, FLYSURFER is now the most innovative brand in the sport. FLYSURFER open cell kites enable an almost error-free learning curve and are optimal for snow kiting as well.

Whoever tries this trend sport once is bound fall under the spell of speed and motion. >>>to the website



Air and aerodynamics also play a major role in our X-GLOO Event Equipment business unit

With our X-GLOO event tent, we have created a innovative and trendy product base on our years of experience with kites and paragliders. The X-GLOO ist the perfect example of the successful application of synergies:  aerodynamically shaped and noticeably light, our tent system is suitable as a promotion and event tent for indoors or outdoors. Shaped like an igloo, supported by air-filled supports, and covered by tough high-tech nylon, the X-GLOO is wind-stable, water resistant and offers UV protection. An outstanding feature:  the attractive branding possibilities on the tent's roof, side walls and awnings. Sewing applications, silk screen and digital printing fulfill all the corporate identity requirements of our customers!

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