The allround harness with safety advantages.

Our CULT3 is what you would call an all-rounder: a harness for training, thermal and XC flying, and even for freestyle thanks to its balanced geometry.
The concept provides maximum safety thanks to a 17 cm foam protector and optional side protectors. In the case of a reserve chute deployment, the CULT3 boasts an automatic separation system for the leg stirrup that draws in the speed bar with an elastic cord. At only 4.6 kg, the CULT3 is a natural choice for ground handling.

Min pilot height (cm)-150160170180
Max pilot hight (cm)165165175185195
Seat board - lenght x width (cm)34x3036x3238x3440x3542x38
Weight (kg)4,44,54,64,74,8
What effect does the harness have on the way a glider flies?

The pilot accounts for a third of the total drag, so the performance with a harness with a upright sitting position can vary greatly from that of a harness with a recling position or a pod harness. Agility can be effected too – this depends on how high or low-slung the harness is. Whether the harness has a seatboard also plays a decisive role.

What should I consider when installing the speed bar system?

The length of the speed bar must be adjusted to your leg length. Both line, right and left, must have the same length.

Which harness size should I select?

Select the harness size by how comfortably you can sit in it without sliding from side to side too much. The chest strap should not be drawn too tightly and not less than the minimum distance between carabiners. The carabiner distance depends on the weight of the pilot. Under 50kg = 38cm, 50-80kg pilot weight = 42cm, over 80kg = 46cm.


Your CULT3 package

  • the cross over harness CULT3 comes with
    • 1x Harness
    • 2x Aluminium carbines
    • 1x Speed system
    • 1x V-Line
    • 1x Manual
    • 1x Stirrup
  • optional accessories
    • MI-Sideprotector
    • AS-Speedsystem
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