Inside out.

The FLEX scores points in all areas: the weight of our light airbag reversible harness is just 1,8 kg (size M)! To ensure your safety, the ram air protector boasts a sensational deceleration value of 19 g. And for purists, for whom every gram counts, it is also detachable.
This lightweight harness with no seat board is amazingly comfortable and even long flights won’t leave you feeling knackered.
Turn it inside out and you have a rucksack that’s a pleasure to carry. In combination with one of our lightweight gliders the light and compact package will be your ideal companion for Hike&Fly tours or vacation.


Our optional airbag packing bag turns the FLEX into a full-fledged, secure reversible harness. It’s an airbag and packing bag at the same time, and with its capacity of 60 liters, it provides plenty of room for all common lightweight gliders, a skywalk PEPPER in a matching front container as well as equipment for an extended Hike&Fly tour. Two side pockets and a practical rubber band on top accommodate water bottles, helmet or sweaty clothes.


Connects the front container rescue chute to the main carabiners of the harness.



Our front container for the PEPPER or similarly constructed reserve chutes. Handy clips ensure optimum attachment to the harness, while Velcro on the cover secures flight instruments.


Lightweight, single-level speed bar line. Includes brummel hooks and stopper.

Max pilot height (cm)170184195
Weight (kg)0,60,70,8
Weight incl. airbag/rucksack (kg)1,71,81,9
Volume airbag/rucksack (l)606060
What effect does the harness have on the way a glider flies?

The pilot accounts for a third of the total drag, so the performance with a harness with a upright sitting position can vary greatly from that of a harness with a recling position or a pod harness. Agility can be effected too – this depends on how high or low-slung the harness is. Whether the harness has a seatboard also plays a decisive role.

What should I consider when installing the speed bar system?

The length of the speed bar must be adjusted to your leg length. Both line, right and left, must have the same length.

Differences between the Get-Up & T-Bar Systems

Get-Up System:

  • Enables a safer and more dynamic takeoff run due to the exceptional leg freedom.
  • The straps can be closed easily with just two buckles. This reduces the likelihood of forgetting to close the leg straps because the pilot has only two buckles that are connected directly to the chest strap.
  • The use of a Get-Up system makes it possible to actively influence the mechanical characteristics of the connection between paraglider and harness by means of the adjustment options (does not apply to Range X-Alps). The Get-up system acts as cross-brace, creating a better connection between the seat and the risers.
  • (without adjustment possibility) the mechanical characteristics can not be influenced, but the feeling in flight is less damped, since the system is inherently stiffer.


T-Lock system (consists of 3 buckle straps):

  • Leg straps must be closed separately
  • The T-Lock or “T-Bar” system runs from the center of the seat to the chest strap and ends with a T-shaped buckle that closes the chest strap. The belt runs between the legs to the chest, thus preventing the pilot from falling out even when the leg straps are open.

Your FLEX package

  • Delivery contents of reversible lightweight harness FLEX:
    • 1x Harness incl. Aluminium carabiner
  • Optional accessories:
    • 1x Airbag/Backpack
    • 1x V-Line
    • 1x Frontcontainer
    • 1x Speedbar “Light”