A touch of nothing.

And yet 100% what you need.

The SLEEVE ultralight harness has been specially developed for trail runners, climbers, ski mountaineers, bike packers and all ambitious alpinists who do not want to compromise on weight and packing size. The puristic, ultralight harness weighs only 240 grams, fits easily into your jacket pocket and is approved for a take-off weight of up to 110 kilograms.

The minimalist design of the seatboard-less harness offers you extremely intuitive handling.







Pilot height (cm)160 - 195
Packing volume (l)0,7
Weight (g) PURE Set
CertificationEN 1651:2018
Maximum load (kg)110
Why unisize?

By deliberately avoiding additional stiffening elements, the harness is « free-floating » –similar to the hammock principle – and thus adapts to the pilot’s body size. This means that a large pilot area can be covered with one size.

What effect does the harness have on the way a glider flies?

The SLEEVE is a classic loop harness with a high suspension due to its design. This results in a higher roll stability and a dampened flight behaviour in turbulence. Especially with very small gliders this behaviour is very pleasant.

Is the SLEEVE suitable for winching?

The SLEEVE is not recommended as a harness for winch towing.

Is the SLEEVE suitable for tandem flying?

The SLEEVE is suitable as a light Hike&Fly tandem passenger harness. However, the responsible tandem pilot should always consider the increased risk of material wear through intensive use.