Almost exactly a year after his sensational record-breaking 303 kilometer flight across Germany, skywalk co-founder Armin Harich has done it again.
On April 18, 2015 Armin managed another epic flatlands flight, this time in the opposite direction. Launching in northern Bavaria, he flew 244 kilometers across central Germany all the way to the Vosges in France.

The day looked promising – the sailplane weather forecasts had predicted this several days in advance. Intending to squeeze the full potential out of the day, Armin launched early from the Kreuzberg at 9:30am – only to promptly bomb out. It wasn’t until after his third attempt at noon that Armin was able to reach cloud base. It’s hard to imagine what he could have done with those three additional hours in the air!

This spring Armin is flying skywalk’s allrounder ARRIBA3 – our lightweight glider that offers a little more fun (and a lot less weight…). Combined with our lightweight harness RANGE AIR, his full kit weighs less than 10 kilos and is compact enough to fit in the smallest trunk!

Here you can read Armin’s full account of his flight with photos. A video will be available online shortly.