What a Race!

Our 3 Skywalkers; Paul, Stefan and Ivan are now well on their way. Paul ,Stefan and Chrigel managed to create a useful gap between themelves and the others during the first 2 full on days. The leader changing several times a day.

Skywalk Designer, Alex Höllwarth has designed a superb wing while Peter Müller designed a great harness for the athletes. The work Alex and Peter made for this competition is proving to be excellent and they have no problem in any comparison to the others. Our pilots are also fit and strongly motivated.

At the skywalk turnpoint Event on the Kampenwand we had a lot of interested people watching live the race of these 3 leading pilots as they headed towards the next turnpoint Lermoos. Meanwhile other X-alps Athletes arrived at the Sonnenalm and the spectators could watch the „sign in“ of the athletes followed quickly by their race to start towards the next part of the race.

Some competitors even had a little time for a short Interview with Ralph Schloeffel whose commentry kept the spectators entertained during the whole event. Today at 7.7 . other pilots could reach the leading group and the german Sebastian Huber is now also with some others in the leading group. The whole competition stays extremely thrilling like expected.