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For the beginning of the XC high season, we are introducing a new high-end glider to the market.

The POISON X-ALPS, derived from the ultra-lightweight comp wing „X-ALPS2“ from the Red Bull X-Alps 2015, is distinguished by its phenomenal glide performance and its balanced flying characteristics.

The skywalk R&D team, made up of designers Alex Höllwarth und X-Alps finisher Stephan Gruber, was able to optimize the design of the CCC-certified X-ALPS2 in all areas.  The result is an EN/LTF: D certified series competition wing that leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

Competition pilot Stephan Gruber: „The POISON X-ALPS is extremely stabile and will literally climb when flying straight ahead in rough air where others lose altitude meter for meter.“  With its manageable flying behavior, the high-end glider POISON is targeted at experienced XC and competition pilots.

Thanks to innovative materials, the POISON X-ALPS weighs just 4,0 kg and is similarly robust and durable as other models in our „Classic Paragliders“ product range.

The POISON X-ALPS is available now for order in three sizes covering a takeoff weight range from 65 – 115 kg.


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