JB Chandelier is part of the skywalk family

He is one of the greatest paraglider pilots of our time. And much more. Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is a filmmaker. An artist. Creative spirit. And in everything he does, a perfectionist. Since November 2020 « JBC » is part of the skywalk family. The goal of the collaboration is to break new creative ground together

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is one of the most outstanding paraglider pilots of today. Like no other pilot, the 35-year-old Frenchman from Briançon in the heart of the French Alps strives to present our sport as an art form. The fact that he is one of the best acro and freestyle pilots takes a back seat to his projects. In his films like « Urban Side » or « Light Line », he is not interested in showing how well he flies, but rather how well one can stage flying as a form of artistic expression. Jean-Baptiste’s specialty is « proximity flying », i.e. playing with the relief. He is able to fly close to the slope like no other pilot. He finds playgrounds all over the world: beaches, ski slopes, volcanic craters, skyscrapers and swimming pools.

Le skywalker – and more

As a filmmaker and freestyle pilot JB is world famous. That he also designs paragliders is hardly known… so far. With skywalk, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier has found a partner that wants to break new ground with him. Together with skywalk R&D team members Alex Höllwarth and Stephan Gruber, JBC will pursue projects that go beyond the horizon of what has been possible so far. The two partners do not yet want to reveal exactly which wings will emerge from the partnership.

Our claim at skywalk is « pure passion for flying ». With this motivation we founded the company almost twenty years ago. We wanted to pursue innovative ideas to give pilots even more fun in the sport. Jean-Baptiste is an icon of our sport and has incredibly forward-looking ideas. Together with him we will break new ground.

I am looking forward to the years ahead!”, explained delighted skywalk boss Arne Wehrlin.

Photos: Tristan Shu, Daniel Gassner (skywalk)

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