A camp made to have fun, to share experiences among girls and to advance.

Recap from Elisa Deutschmann

Day 01.

On the first day we set off early in the morning for a Sunrise Hike & Fly to start the day full of power and of course to fly in the new equipment. Then we went up to the Emberger-Alm (Greifenburg, AT), where we made a weather briefing and examined the flight area. After a little hike we arrived at the launch site and a great thermal flying day was ahead. The girls were equipped with radios and then we went into the air. Elisa flew in front and the girls behind. During the flight, the girls were looked after by a flight instructor and Elisa by radio. After everyone landed safely and with a big smile on their faces, we set off for an evening flight. Flying into the sunset is one of the most beautiful things to do. After the flight there were even tears of joy at the landing site. The first day was celebrated with wine and pizza at the campsite.

Day 02.

We started the second day with a sunrise yoga class on the mountain. We felt the first rays of the sun on our skin and we built up our energy and strength. Then there was a delicious breakfast on the mountain where we went through the weather, wind and flight planning for the day ahead. Then we went to the launch site and off into the air. After two hours of airtime a big thunderstorm built up and we landed. We sat out the rain and storm with coffee and cake and everything was nice again in the evening, we trained the ground handling.

Day 03.

On the third day we got up very early and made our way to the Sunrise flight. In the valley there were still scattered fields of fog, which made the morning flight magical and breathtaking. After breakfast we went up the mountain again and flight number 2 was the turn. After the flight, Elisa gave a series of lectures on flying, weather, mental training, competitions, projects and equipment. Day number 3 ended with a delicious dinner.