JB Chandelier about his latest video project: SH*T HAPPENS…

Many years ago I watched an old cartoon-commercial from Red Bull. The story was a guy walking on the street and a bird took a shit on him. So he drank a can of Red Bull which gave him wings and flew over the bird and took revenge. The commercial made me laugh and I was thinking whether this would actually be possible in real life with a paraglider. However, I thought it wouldn’t be a good image for my sponsors and put the idea away for a bit and waited for the right moment. Now that I don’t have an apparel sponsor I thought it was the right timing to finalize the project.

I spent 3 weeks at the dune du pilat in June this year to shoot the movie. The actual shooting time would have only been 3 evening shoots but the weather was a disaster… We were waiting days and days just for good wind and light. The most difficult part was to shoot the seagull to be able to create the story. Also the acting was challenging for me as I have never done it before. I don’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera, acting like an actor.


Finally, after hard work and a long time the good days appeared and we had a time window to shoot the video. We are really happy about the footage and we hope that people like it as well and understand the joke and charm of it.


I the future I’ll bring more and more storytelling in my videos. Although it’s really complex and challenging but this is what motivates me.

Text JB Chandelier