We are happy to welcome Tim Alongi to the skywalk PEOPLE team. Tim has deep roots in acro flying and should be a name for every paraglider pilot. Vice World Champion, 4x French Champion… just to name a few of his achievements.

But Tim Alongi is more than « just » an acro pilot. Tim is a paraglider through and through – and always wants to develop his skills as a complete athlete and pilot. Tim has been training hard for a long time: physically, mentally and under his wing.

We accompany Tim on his journey to become an XC athlete and keep our fingers crossed for him in all upcoming Hike&Fly competitions.

WELCOME, tim alongi.

skywalk: Tim, welcome to the PEOPLE team! What are your current goals?

Tim: In terms of flying, I will continue to prepare for the upcoming Hike&Fly races and try to dive even deeper into the XC scene. X-pyr is in a month, that will surely be the next big adventure. I’m trying to do as many Hike & Fly races to finally get selected for the Red Bull X-Alps 2023 – that’s my big goal! Privately, I continue to dedicate myself to my own brand « Here to Fly » and try to support young talents

skywalk: Where are we catching you? are you working out

Tim: I’ve just come from the first competition of the season: the Bornes2Fly, so my training consists mainly of eating right now ;)… I’m currently on my way to the Pyrenees to get to know the route for the X-Pyr. The following week I’m trying to do some cross country flying and include a lot of vertical work for fitness.


skywalk: Where does the drive to Hike&Fly and XC flying come from so suddenly?

Tim: My goal is to learn every aspect of flying, I like the idea of ​​being versatile in our sport and being able to master everything.

skywalk: How deep are you in XC, what does your preparation mainly consist of?

Tim: I spend most of my time training. I have focused on my physical fitness this winter to be fit and ready to fly at the start of the season. The training consists mainly of running intervals, cycling, trail running, fitness – but I also spend a lot of time with physio.

skywalk: How would you describe the change from Acro to XC and Hike&Fly?

Tim: I was in the Acro World Cup for 11 years and every year looked pretty much the same. What I love most in life is the learning process and progressing in what I do. I felt like I was discovering and learning something new again with XC flying – so the step was only logical and perfect for me.

skywalk: How did you come to contact us as a brand and how do you see the future together?

Tim: I was looking for a brand that would support me with further Hike&Fly projects. I like skywalk’s brand image and the creativity – especially in the visuals – that skywalk exudes. Skywalk is also extremely innovative in terms of product development and communication, just like myself, so it was obvious to knock on skywalk’s door first. I think the brand best suits my style and what I embody in all aspects.