Alpinism. In each cell.

The SPIRIT was developed for adventures in alpine terrain and is your ideal companion for demanding Hike/Climb&Fly tours. In the development of this lightweight, we have clearly focused on minimum packing volume, lowest weight, easiest handling and maximum flying fun. With its ultra-light 1.75 kg, the SPIRIT can be packed very small – perfect for strenuous high altitude tours!

Depending on the size and wing loading, you can choose the glider that best suits your needs: The small sizes quickly build up bank and momentum and are ideal for dynamic flying, to quickly lose altitude as well as for strong winds. In the large sizes, the SPIRIT can even be used for training. Therefore, the ultralight miniwing is also ideal for progressive lateral pilots who want to use the paraglider as an easy descent aid after a demanding project.

The SPIRIT is now available at your skywalk dealer.