Mystic. Yoga. Paragliding.

The third and last Girls Camp in 2022 with Elisa Deutschmann took place again in Greifenburg.

« Despite the bad weather conditions the girls had a lot of fun, learned a lot and had a great time in Greifenburg. » Elisa Deutschmann, skywalk PEOPLE Athlete

And even though the conditions were not the easiest, the girls made the best of the four days.

Day 01 Arrival. skywalk equipment. Area briefing.

Arriving at the Fliegercamp in Greifenburg, the girls were first given the skywalk test equipment. The harnesses were immediately adjusted to the girls and the inspection of the landing field was also done. Afterwards they went up to the hut, which should serve as base camp for the next few days. During a short introduction, the participants could get to know each other, the rooms were divided and the skywalk goodies were distributed. In the evening, they had dinner together and an introduction to the flight area, including flight routes for cross-country hunters.

Day 02 Yoga. Hike&Fly. Pasta Party.

The day started with a foggy yoga session on the mountain. Since there was still a lot of moisture in the air, the girls used the time for theory: weather check, thermal flying and mental training.


In the afternoon, the girls were lucky – the fog lifted and the test equipment could be test flown during a Hike&Fly tour, which made all participants smile. To celebrate the day, there was a pasta party in the hut.


Day 03 Mystic. Sauna. Hike&Fly.

On the third day, there was fog in the air again in the morning and it was raining. The girls used the mystical atmosphere for a yoga and stretching session. Afterwards there was an extensive breakfast with Kaiserschmarrn. Since there was no improvement in the weather in sight, part of the group went to the sauna and the other part went with Elisa to another landing site in the valley. From there the girls walked up to the launch site and could even enjoy a glide down – one flight is better than none flight!

The girls finished the evening with games and Elisa’s talk about flying.

Day 04 Sun. Thermal flying. Goodbye.

The last day is just around the corner and welcomes the girls with sunshine. So they went out early for a sunrise flight. After breakfast and a little stretching session, the group set off for the launch site. The conditions were not easy, as the wind picked up, but the girls all mastered it perfectly and could enjoy a great last flight in Greifenburg. In the evening it was time to pack and say goodbye.

So the last Girls Camp in 2022 comes to an end and leaves behind unique memories, beautiful flights and a good time among girls.