The professional alpinists and trail runners Philipp Reiter and Jakob Hermann were looking for a very special challenge. The plan was to get as far south as possible from Werfenweng within 3 days – Hike&Fly style, only on foot and with a paraglider. Unfortunately, the plan could not be implemented due to the bad weather forecast for the next few days, so another « one-day challenge » had to be carried out.

Said and done! So the two extreme athletes decided to circle the Tennengebirge in one day. Jakob had planned this task for a long time anyway, since he knows the mountains like the back of his hand.

Philipp and Jakob have known each other for a long time, and Jakob has been flying since he was 14 years old and can still give Philipp important tips. The two try to go on at least one adventure together every year.


The 6350 meters of altitude in one day were very demanding even for Philipp, who has incredible fitness with his background as a trail running professional and extreme mountaineer – but the mood was great, the weather and the conditions that day were almost perfect and the autumn colors were gigantic. That trumped the effort a bit.


Before the second flight, Jakob and Philipp were faced with a difficult decision: walk 4 km less and slide directly, or take your feet and enjoy coffee and cake in Annaberg to strengthen yourself… The second option seemed more lucrative for the two of them 😊

The demanding ascents of the Tennengebirge took up a lot of time, so that towards the end of the day things got exciting and hectic again. In the fourth, and thus the last ascent over the karst rock, the adventurers had to really run again in order to be at the starting point at 6:24 p.m. on time for the sunset. However, not because of the beautiful light, but to avoid having to descend the more than 2000 meters and 15km on foot.

Everything worked out in the end and Philipp and Jakob look back on an amazing day with more than 76 km and 6350 meters of altitude difference in 10:25 hours.

We are looking forward to the next adventure of the two!

You can view the entire route on Strava.


Start/Finish: Werfenweng

Distance: 76.3 km

Altitude: 6350m

Time: 10:25:31 h