Through Central America by paraglider and horse

Kira Bühlhoff and Marja Seidel are fully committed to science.  Additional interests of the ocologist and the astrophysicist include horses and paragliders – so what better idea than to combine these two passions!  The two young women set out on a project in the spring of 2016 that was to extend their horizons in the truest sense of the word.  They called it „cielo y tierra“ – „heaven and earth“.

Kira and Marja crossed Colombia over a route of about 1350 kilometers.  The two used the adventure to show local people the beauty of nature and to teach them about the dangers of environmental pollution.  They also encouraged women to go their own way and inspired many with workshops about what they had studied – whenever they weren’t sitting in the saddles of their horses or in the harnesses of their paragliders.  What a unique and ecological way to travel!

We at skywalk were fascinated by this unusual project and equipped the two with lightweight gear.

After more than 50 days Kira und Marja returned safely.  In the meantime they have shared their experiences from the trip and have even created a short film.