PEPPER CROSS LIGHT – Returning you safely to Earth


If you deploy your reserve chute, you have to able to rely on it one hundred percent. That is why we have developed the PEPPER CROSS LIGHT, a cruciform reserve that sets new standards when it comes to deployment time and pendulum stability.

Thanks to its symmetrical structure, we were able to reduce systemic drift of the cruciform reserve chute to a minimum. Maximum safety does not have to be heavy, that´s why the PEPPER CROSS LIGHT also scores points with its very low weight and compact packing volume. In the smallest size, it weighs only 990 (!) grams.

And should you have to deploay your PEPPER CROSS LIGHT someday, our innovative materials will guartanee your safe return to Earth.

Available in size M immediately! Sizes S & M follow in week 15/16.

More info about the PEPPER CROSS LIGHT here.