The Reliable Companion for Hike&Fly

skywalking ultralight.

The EN A certified mountain glider suits beginner pilots as well as experienced hike&fly adventurers, looking for a reliable and compact companion with enough performance to launch and fly safely even in the roughest terrain.
Starting from only 2.7 kg, the combination of latest technologies and light but still durable fabrics ensures, that you will be able to enjoy the agile handling of the ultra-light MASALA2 in every situation. To get the most out of your Hike&Fly experience we recommend the reversible lightweight harness FLEX.


The MASALA2 is pure joy not only because of its simple and precise handling. It is a good fit for safety-conscious beginners as well as experienced mountaineer.

The MASALA2 climbs effortless in thermals thanks to JET FLAP technology. It shows absolutely no negative tendencies, allowing the wing to core easily even in strong thermal conditions.

The accelerator is operating as smooth as possible and even at maximum speed the ultralight glider still has reassuring safety reserves. Brake pressure rises dramatically before the stall point is reached. Big ears are especially easy with the marked risers.


Despite its lightweight construction, the MASALA2 is a high performance wing in its class.

A remarkable glide performance and a well rounded feeling in thermals guarantee long and enjoyable flights.

Very good glide performance and high endspeed go hand in hand with high stability and a safe feeling for the pilot.


As expected from an A-wing, the MASALA2 offers the biggest possible passive safety. The reactions of MASALA2 in extreme flight behavior are very moderate.

Pitch and pendulum activity after a collapse are very subdued, the wing opens quickly and dependably.

Thanks to integrated Jet Flap Technology, reaching to the stall is very long and is early shown through a massive increase in brake pressure. It is hard to destabilise the MASALA2, making it an ideal relaxed companion for all conditions possible.A forgiving starting behavior allows it to launch even in the most difficult terrain. Of course the MASALA2 was also certified without the use of folding lines! The pilot suitability of this lightweight glider extends from beginners to experienced mountaineers.


2 PLUS 2

For all gliders purchased after July 1, 2007, Skywalk offers its customers the skywalk 2 + 2 Guarantee - an additional warranty that goes beyond the minimum required by law.  More information


By narrowing the cross section of the slit (channel), Jet Flaps create a Venturi effect that accelerates the airflow. The air is redirected from the lower sail (pressure area) to the upper sail (suction area) where it exits. Airflow separation is delayed, the stall occurs later, minimum speed is reduced, and the pilot has more angle of attack reserve. This is a considerable benefit during critical phases like launch, landing and tight thermals. More information

Hybrid Line Geometry

The perfect mix of Aramid and Dyneema lines maximizes durability and minimizes trim changes over the lifecycle of your glider. This optimal use of line materials lowers air resistance and minimizes weight.

Rigid Foil

The leading edge is reinforced with flexible nylon battens.The result is a substantial weight savings that positively affects the handling in extreme conditions. The Rigid Foil technology gives that the leading edge maintains an optimal shape to ensure even airflow over the wing and a constant ram air pressure. The wing glides better, especially in accelerated flight. During launch, the battens hold leading edge open, making inflation a snap.

Mini Ribs

Doubling of the cell in the region of the trailing edge: increased shape stability, less resistance, more performance.


Fitting of an additional band: precisely shaped wing, less resistance, more performance.

For lightweights

Glider sizes for light pilots from about 40 kg body weight: small area, lower weight with the same safety and performance.


Nylon reinforcement over the C suspension point in the upper sail instead of lines: less resistance, more performance.

Our Standard Colors:

These are the designs of our basic models.



Through the use of Skytex 27 as main material for the top and bottom sail and the use of very light risers, we were able to achieve a weight saving of more than 2kg compared to gliders as the MESCAL4 or CHILI3.


Particularly noteworthy is the large weight range, for example from 55-95kg in XS. In all weight classes it is a pure EN A! To be on the move with a small and extremely light wing, legally and on a top level of safety is a very special charm, which becomes increasingly popular.


Rigid Foils in the leading edge provide for a light, form-stable profile contour, C-Wires dampen the trailing edge of the wing and allow the MASALA2 to convert every updraft. All reinforcements are made from indestructible plastic and are bend-resistant, thus making special packing methods unnecessary.


Just like its big brother the CHILI3, the MASALA2 is equipped with only 3 line levels. This simplifies ground handling and decreases drag considerably.


Technical Data

MASALA2 LTF09: A I EN: A          
size XXS XS S M  
cell number 34 34 34 34  
area flat in m² 20,01 22,73 26,18 28,70  
wingspan flat in m 9,80 10,45 11,21 11,74  
aspect ratio flat 4,80 4,80 4,80 4,80  
area projected in m 16,91 19,21 22,12 24,26  
wingspan projected in m 7,63 8,13 8,72 9,14  
aspect ratio projected 3,44 3,44 3,44 3,44  
weight in kg 2,7 3,0 3,3 3,6  
weight range in kg from - to 55-90 55-95 70-95 85-110  
winch certified yes yes yes yes  
JET FLAP technology yes yes yes yes  
paramotor homologation no no no no