Modern comfort. Compact and innovative.

The CRUISE is a compact comfort harness, built using the latest technology, which can be used in a variety of ways, from beginners to experienced sporty pilots. The structure ensures an exceptionally high level of comfort during flights, is very user-friendly and, thanks to the PERMAIR protector in combination with the SAS-Tec back protection, offers maximum safety. The ergonomic seat shell encloses the body perfectly and thus enables a comfortable sitting position – even with longer airtime. The T-Lock system promises stress-free and effective ground handling sessions. The adjustment options are designed in such a way that the seating position can be changed at any time during the flight, and the agility can also be adjusted using the stabilizers.

The large back storage compartment offers you enough storage space, which also includes a device for your drinking system. Items that you need during the flight can be stowed away quickly and easily in the closable side pocket.

Weight and packing size are unrivaled for a harness of this type and features! Weighing only 3,5 kg, the complete flying equipment fits into a 90 liter backpack and is therefore ideal for your next flying vacation. Thanks to its robust construction, the CRUISE can also be used on the dunes. No matter what you plan to do – with its innovative detailed solutions, the CRUISE will convince you the first time you try it!











Carbon speed bar and seat board

The carbon seat board was developed according to the latest standards of fiber composite lightweight construction in 3D shape. The 2-level carbon accelerator with elastic retractor enables easy and safe acceleration.

PERMAIR protector

The CRUISE offers you optimal safety thanks to our PERMAIR protector and the SAS-TEC back impact protection. Maximum protection with minimum pack size and weight.

T-Lock system

The T-Lock closure system increases comfort during take-off and landing, as well as during your ground handling sessions. An innovative detail are the safety sliders, which prevent the buckles on the chest strap from opening unintentionally.


The RECCO®-Reflector offers rescue services an additional opportunity to locate a missing person (e.g. in a densely forested area).

PERMAIR Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the minimalist filling option. The HME filter minimizes moisture penetration.

Compact packing size

The pack size of the CRUISE is amazingly small. It is delivered in a compression innerbag as standard


The further development of our first PERMAIR protector generation has a practical inflate/deflate check valve that makes the filling of your protector significantly easier. PERMAIR 2.0 protectors can also be inflated in several ways. In addition to the previously common variant with the inflation bag and compression function, you now have the option to fill your protector via the PERMAIR PUMP or in a minimalist way via the mouthpiece. 

Advantages of the PERMAIR protector

compared to other protector technologies


+  permanent
+  durable
–  packing size
–  weight
–  damage difficult to see


+ weight
+ packing size
–  shape
–  non permanent
–  damage difficult to see


+ weight
+ packing size
+ shape
+ permanent
+ damages can be seen quickly


A novelty is the filling possibility of the PERMAIR protector with the included PERMAIR PUMP. The small electric pump is the most comfortable filling option of the PERMAIR protector. It also serves, with a battery capacity of 3600 mAh, as a powerbank and falls with only 150g proverbial hardly in the weight.

For safe and easy storage of the PERMAIR PUMP, a pocket has been integrated under the seat board, in the direct vicinity of the protector. The mouthpiece can also be stowed here.

Pilot height (cm)155 - 172167 - 183178 - 198
Weight harness (kg)3,503,653,80
Certification harnessEN 1651EN 1651EN 1651
Certification protectorLTF91/09LTF91/09LTF91/09
Maximum load (kg) 120120120
Volume rescue container (cm³)2500 - 45002500 - 65002500 - 7300
Can I install a steerable rescue on the CRUISE?

Yes, it can be attached to the colored suspension points in the upper part of the V-line channel.

Can I make the harness more agile in addition to the standard adjustment options?

Yes, all you must do is unhook the black webbing from the carabiners. The two green loops remain in the carabiner.

Can I mount Quick-Out carabiners to the CRUISE?

No, the loops are too small for that. You cannot mount Quick-Out carabiners to the CRUISE harness.

How can the PERMAIR protector be optimally filled?

The further development of our first PERMAIR protector generation has a practical inflate/deflate valve, which makes the filling of your protector significantly easier. PERMAIR 2.0 protectors can be inflated in different ways:

PERMAIR PUMP: The small electric pump can be easily stowed in the harness. It also serves as a powerbank with a battery capacity of 3600 mAh. The PUMP is included in the delivery of the CRUISE.

PERMAIR Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece includes a moisture filter that minimizes moisture penetration. The PERMAIR mouthpiece is included with the CRUISE.

Inflationbag: The size of the inflationbag was chosen so that it fills your protector with one stroke. You can also use it as a compression inner pack for your paraglider.

How often can I fill the protector with one battery charge of the PUMP?

At an ambient temperature of 20°C, the protector can be filled about 20 times.

How much do I have to inflate the protector?

The ideal pressure is achieved with the PERMAIR PUMP. The mouthpiece should also be used if there is a difference in altitude of more than 1500 m between the take-off and landing sites.

Do I have to empty the protector after every flight?

No, unless a minimum pack size is required, the protector does not have to be emptied. Before starting, however, you should check whether the protector is sufficiently filled.

Can the CRUISE be used for winch towing?

Yes, the CRUISE is suitable for winch towing. It has no special towing loops. The tow release is hooked either to the main carabiners or, preferably, to a tow adapter that is passed over the ends of the risers before they are hooked into the main carabiners.

Follow the instructions in the manual for your tow release and tow adapter or consult an instructor experienced in paraglider towing.

Is the CRUISE suitable for safety training?

It is not recommended to use the CRUISE for flights over water or for safety training. There is a possibility that the PERMAIR protector could push the pilot under water after a water landing due to the buoyancy of the protector.
Should you nevertheless use the harness for flights over water, we explicitly advise you to wear a life jacket. In preparation for a water landing, you should slide the safety lock slider of the buckles on the chest strap backwards, in addition you can also open the sternum strap.

In case of a water landing, keep calm and make sure that you keep your head out of the water. Open the 4 buckles and free yourself from the harness. Be careful not to get tangled in the lines of the paraglider.

Is the CRUISE suitable for ground handling sessions?

Yes. Thanks to the low weight and convenient load application via the T-Lock system, ground handling with the CRUISE is very easy.


Your CRUISE package

    • PERMAIR protector CRUISE
    • SAS-TEC back impact protection
    • 2-level carbon speedbar
    • Carbon seat board
    • Detachable Sternum Strap
    • 2 carabiner Edelrid Foras 
    • Rescue handle incl. inner container
    • CRUISE Innerbag
    • Inflate/Deflate valve
    • PERMAIR mouthpiece