X-ALPS4 Size M available now!

Our ultralight high-performance wing X-ALPS4 is available in size M (Medium) immediately! Certified weight range in the M size is 85 kg - 105 kg.Glider weight in the M size is only 3,9 kg.The X-ALPS4 is the perfect tool for pilots looking for a performant...

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Info – skywalk Easy-Trim-Check

Below is an instructional text from the DHV. General safety problems due to shrinkage of the brake lines - and a solution!In recent years, there have been several paragliding accidents caused by a shortening of the Dyneema brake lines due to shrinkage. The...

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ARRIBA4 – Available now!

Simple. Free.   The easy way to enjoy.   The ARRIBA is the pleasure wing in our lightweight glider range. Equipped with the genes of the TEQUILA series, the ARRIBA4 combines balanced flying characteristics with particularly easy-to-master performance...

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Addition to our Development Team

We are pleased to announce that Mario Eder has joined our R&D team. The 48-year-old Tyrolean recently has been supporting chief designer Alex Höllwarth and Stephan Gruber in paragliding development. Mario brings decades of experience as a test pilot to...

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