Delay with 2-Year-Checks

Delay with 2-Year-Checks Due to personnel problems and health reasons, our workshop team is currently at their limit, which can lead to longer lead times of up to 3 – 4 weeks. We kindly ask for your patience, because even though we are doing all that we...

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Paul Guschlbauer – VLOG24 & 25

New VLOG´s from Paul   The adventurer and skywalk team pilot Paul Guschlbauer supplies us with new stories.   How would you react being locked in a "luxury-jail"...

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Ziad Bassil – CUMEO test review

Ziad Bassil takes a closer look on our CUMEO   Mr. "Dustoftheuniverse" had serious fun with our light high end intermediate CUMEO. After an extensive flight he came up with the following review:   “Skywalk Cumeo XS After the beautiful Chili 4 XS,...

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