Simple. Modular. Versatile.

The BREEZE2 was designed as a modular comfort harness and therefore meets a wide range of requirements.

The ergonomic seat shell perfectly encloses your body and ensures maximum flight comfort. You can increase the comfort during flight by adjusting the seat position. The moderate height of the suspension points ensures a damped flight behaviour and thus creates lots of confidence. The sporty design in combination with the PERMAIR protector makes for a very compact packing size, a low weight and guarantees a high level of protection.

Thanks to the modular construction of the BREEZE2, you can also reduce the weight by approx. 50%! With just a few simple steps, the cover is separated from the seat shell and the BREEZE2 is transformed into an extra light comfort harness.

The BREEZE2 is ideal for travellers, Hike&Fly enthusiasts, beginners and all pilots looking for a versatile seat harness.







Front Pocket with cockpit

Snacks can be stowed in the pocket, which also serves as a cockpit. A divided compartment offers you space for a powerbank and a cable outlet. The front pocket is an optional accessory and easy to mount.

Rear storage compartment

The large back compartment offers enough space for your gear and is easy to fill thanks to the asymmetric zip.

Provision for a hydration system

Your hydration bladder can be attached with a clip in the back storage compartment. The tube outlet and a neoprene loop on the shoulder strap allow you to position the bladder within easy reach.

RECCO® reflector

The RECCO® reflector offers rescue services an additional chance to locate a missing person (e.g. in a densely wooded area).

Lockable side pocket

In the side pocket you can store smaller items you would like to reach during the flight.

PURE back storage compartment

A small 15 litre storage compartment provides space for a pack sack when not using a cover.


The further development of our first PERMAIR protector generation has a practical inflate/deflate check valve that makes the filling of your protector significantly easier. PERMAIR 2.0 protectors can also be inflated in several ways. In addition to the previously common variant with the inflation bag and compression function, you now have the option to fill your protector via the PERMAIR PUMP or in a minimalist way via the mouthpiece. 

Advantages of the PERMAIR protector

compared to other protector technologies


+  permanent
+  durable
–  packing size
–  weight
–  damage difficult to see


+ weight
+ packing size
–  shape
–  non permanent
–  damage difficult to see


+ weight
+ packing size
+ shape
+ permanent
+ damages can be seen quickly

Modular System


The modular construction of the BREEZE is unique. With the PERMAIR set you enjoy, thanks to our PERMAIR protector, sufficient protection already during the take-off phase. This makes the harness ideal for beginners and for training. You can separate the cover including the protector from the seat shell in just a few steps and turn the BREEZE into a PURE set – perfect for relaxed ground handling and dune soaring sessions.


Optional accessories


The small electric pump is the most convenient way to fill the PERMAIR protector. With a battery capacity of 3600 mAh, it also serves as a power bank and, at just 150g, literally weighs hardly anything.

Optional accessories

BREEZE2 Front Pocket

The Front Pocket offers you a cockpit with a divided pocket for battery pack, etc. and cable outlet. You can easily mount the Front Pocket.

Pilot hight (cm)155 - 172170 - 181177 - 190
Weight harness (kg) PERMAIR Set
Weight harness (kg) PURE Set1.31.41.4
Volume storage compartment PERMAIR Set (l)384244
Volume storage compartment PURE Set (l)151515
Certification harnessEN 1651: 2018EN 1651: 2018EN 1651: 2018
Certification protectorLTF NfL 2-565-20LTF NfL 2-565-20LTF NfL 2-565-20
Volume rescue container (cm³)2500 - 45002500 - 65002500 - 6500
Maximum load (kg)120120120
Can I install a steerable rescue on the BREEZE?

Yes, provided the specified volumes are adhered to. The steerable rescue can be suspended from the colour-coded suspension points in the upper part of the V-line channel.

Can I mount Quick-Out carabiners to the BREEZE?

No, the loops are too small for that. You cannot mount Quick-Out carabiners to the BREEZE harness.

How can the PERMAIR protector be optimally filled?

The further development of our first PERMAIR protector generation has a practical inflate/deflate valve, which makes the filling of your protector significantly easier. PERMAIR 2.0 protectors can be inflated in different ways:

PERMAIR PUMP: The small electric pump can be easily stowed in the harness. It also serves as a powerbank with a battery capacity of 3600 mAh. The PUMP is included in the delivery of the CRUISE.

PERMAIR Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece includes a moisture filter that minimizes moisture penetration. The PERMAIR mouthpiece is included with the CRUISE.

Inflationbag: The size of the inflationbag was chosen so that it fills your protector with one stroke. You can also use it as a compression inner pack for your paraglider.

How much do I have to inflate the protector?

The ideal pressure is achieved with the PERMAIR PUMP. The mouthpiece should also be used if there is a difference in altitude of more than 1500 m between the take-off and landing sites.

Do I have to empty the protector after every flight?

No, unless a minimum pack size is required, the protector does not have to be emptied. Before starting, however, you should check whether the protector is sufficiently filled.

Can the BREEZE be used for winch towing?

Yes, the BREEZE is suitable for winch towing. It has no special towing loops. The tow release is hooked either to the main carabiners or, preferably, to a tow adapter that is passed over the ends of the risers before they are hooked into the main carabiners.

Follow the instructions in the manual for your tow release and tow adapter or consult an instructor experienced in paraglider towing.

Is the BREEZE suitable for safety training?

It is not recommended to use the BREEZE for flights over water or for safety training. There is a possibility that the PERMAIR protector could push the pilot under water after a water landing due to the buoyancy of the protector.
Should you nevertheless use the harness for flights over water, we explicitly advise you to wear a life jacket.

What effect does the harness have on the way a glider flies?

The BREEZE is a roll-stable harness that transmits the dynamic flight characteristics of the glider directly to the pilot, while filtering out the jostles caused by turbulence. This allows you to intuitively control your glider with subtle dynamics when in thermally-active air conditions. The Force Application System, which is activated by the leg loops, means that the glider can also be actively guided into curves with your legs as well as by shifting your weight. Compared to conventional looped harnesses the BREEZE has an enclosed, slim silhouette, which positively influences the aerodynamics.

Why frame buckles and no "automatic buckles"?

The BREEZE is a seatboardless leg-loop harness for which the design requires permanent friction closures on the leg loops. Conventional “automatic buckles” would be put under a lot of strain at these points and are therefore completely unsuitable. For the safety of the pilot, we have chosen to use frame buckles on the BREEZE, which offer a permanent friction closure and prevent faulty operation.


Your BREEZE2 package

Your BREEZE harness comes with:

    • Harness EN/LTF certified
    • Rescue handle inclusive inner container
    • Inflationbag
    • 2 pcs carabiner Foras Edelrid
    • PERMAIR protector
    • PERMAIR mouthpiece
    • 2-stage carbon accelerator

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