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Process and contact for a service order

A repair is necessary, you want to give your paraglider a 2-year inspection or repack your rescue? Then first check the Partner Map to see if there is a skywalk certified check center near you. Use the filter and click on the category “skywalk Check Center”. A local dealer offers you faster help and correspondingly cheaper support, as you can save on shipping and duty costs, for example. If there is no check center near you, please consider the following processes.


Process for a shipment

1. Print out the service order and fill it out completely!
2. Attention important! An exact description of the damage and its origin as well as complete data (see service order) are absolutely necessary for fast processing.
3. Pack the item dry, clean, sand-free and securely.
4. Send the item together with the completed service order (and in the case of special agreements, please send a copy of the e-mail correspondence) to the adjacent address.
5. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the goods by e-mail.


Returns from a third country

For shipments outside the EU, please send the service order including the serial number of the item in advance by e-mail to our Technical Support ( so that any discrepancies at customs can be clarified more quickly. For returns from a third country, we ask that the goods are properly declared. The following information is required for this:

  • Enclosure of the invoice for the item in question.
  • Entry of the reason for return (e.g. “Repair – back to manufacturer”) on the shipping document.

If subsequent customs clearance or additional fees are incurred during processing due to missing documents, you will understand that we will pass these costs on to you.

If you need further assistance, you can reach us at our headquarters by phone or e-mail.

Use our Partner Map to find all retailers in your area!

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2-year inspection

Your glider will be professionally checked by us according to detailed specifications. Repairs to defects that cause additional costs of up to EUR 50.00 (incl. VAT) will be carried out immediately. If the repair costs are more expensive, we will of course contact you in advance with a cost estimate.

An order confirmation by e-mail with bank details will follow immediately. The 2-year inspection – including trim check – costs EUR 220.00 plus shipping costs. A separately ordered trim check costs EUR 99.00 plus shipping costs.


Your paraglider will be professionally inspected by us. You will then receive a cost estimate. After confirmation of the binding cost estimate and payment, we will start repair work.


Please note that we only repair/check/repack skywalk products.


Depending on the order situation, you can expect it to take two weeks after your approval.


For a repair order, one working hour costs EUR 79.00. The customer bears the costs for returning the goods.

Contact details

Make sure that all your contact details are filled in legibly in the service order, otherwise there may be delays.