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The TONKA2 opens up new horizons. With a projected area of just 11.8 m², the TONKA2 is the smallest paraglider on the market with EN certification.

Based on the design of our lightweight MASALA2 gilder, the TONKA2 weighs just 2.1 kg, is extremely small to pack and is easy to launch. That makes the TONKA2 the perfect tool for ambitious para-alpinists and hike&fly pilots with adventurous plans. The TONKA2 lets you launch from difficult spots and land in tight, remote valleys – and soar to cloud base on thermally active days. The TONKA2 is extremely fast, but glides really well despite its small size. Thanks to its high wing loading, the wing reacts quickly and dynamically to every control input. For experienced pilots this means: pure flying fun! Three podium positions at the Red Bull Dolomitenmann – enough said…

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