On the first CAYENNE5 production series, we have used very thin brake lines.
The wing was homologated exactly with these lines and passed all tests accordingly.
In practice, because of rough/rocky launching areas and long flights the lines can have bigger abrasion and lower breaking load.

This affects mainly the two lines above the main brake line = brmain2 and BRI
On the following production series we have automatically used thicker line material, to avoid the abrasion on these two lines.
We offer free replacement of these two lines, if needed. The replacement lines will be manufactured in a thicker material.
You can change the lines by yourself or with help of your skywalk distributor at your country. Also in our workshop in Germany.

How can I find out which lines have been used on my wing?
If the brmain2 and BRI have the same strength like the brake top line (lines are marked in orange frame on the attached line plan), you should change brmain2 and BRI.