Personal Best

You can always count on Burkhard Martens to set a new record.  On his second flight with the new CHILI4, Burki topped his old personal best.


When Burkhard kites his glider on a good flying day, there’s a good chance that he will set yet another record.  On November 3, 2016, he broke a very special record: his own personal best.  Exactly three years Burki flew 397 kilometers – and in doing so set a new personal best as well as a new German record.  But he just missed the 400 km mark by a few kilometers, so vengeance was sweet when he realized his dream in early November!  Both flights launched from Brazil’s XC-Mecca Quixadá.  Burki’s brief comment about the brand-new CHILI4 after flying it for the second time: “A great glider! It quickly inspires confidence.  What more do you need?”  We agree – and that’s why our motto for the newest CHILI is just as brief:  A GOOD THING MADE BETTER…

Congratulations to Burki for his record flight! 

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