Rain, Excitement, Vibes, Running… and more Rain.


It´s 11:25 am. AC/DC´s “Hells Bells” is booming out of the Red Bull speakers at Mozartplatz in Salzburg. The athletes excitement and anticipation is absolutely palpable and everybody just wants the race to finally start. All the preparations, planning, sweat, tears and tension are forgotten now.


11:30 am – The countdown is on 0. The athletes are running from Mozartplatz towards Gaisberg. The drenching rain does not seem to bother anybody. Even the fans start running on the first meters to support their favourite athletes.


For us it´s time to hop in the next shuttle-bus to drive up to the first turnpoint at the peak of Gaisberg. 1:15 hours after the start the first athlete has reached the turnpoint and placed his flag of the country with a smiling face.


The big field was close though and all athletes weren´t far from eachother. It was exciting to watch!


Due to the rain, unfortunately the participants could not proceed the race with a flight from Gaisberg as usual. Instead they had to continue running…


After a short snack we headed down towards Salzburg-Downtown to cheer for our skywalk X-ALPS athletes. It was amazing to see how fast they made their way out of the city of Salzburg towards Hallein and even further… 


We had a little “on the way” interview with our athlete Stephan Gruber (recorded on our Instagram) and also with Paul Guschlbauer (live on Facebook) who got 3rd place 2 years ago. He is definitely one to keep an eye on and highly motivated!


It was time to say “good bye” for now and we went back home. We´ll try to stay as close to the athletes as possible and are looking forward to meet them at the third turnpoint at the Kampenwand in Aschau.


We hope to see many fans and are excited to watch the race with you!


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All photos (c) Daniel Gassner – skywalk paragliders.


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