Coming soon. The serial version of the most popular harness of the Red Bull X-Alps 2017.


RANGE X-ALPS2 | Minimal packing size. Maximum aerodynamics. Full comfort.


More than 10 of the 32 pilots in the Red Bull X-Alps 2017 relied on the RANGE X-ALPS2 ultralight harness, developed specially for the world’s toughest adventure race. With their impressive performances, Under the toughest conditions, Paul Guschlbauer & co. documented the everyday comfort and usefulness of this pod harness that weighs only 1.5 kilos. In the spring of 2018, we will start the delivery of the serial version of the RANGE X-ALPS2. The “Athlete’s Edition” of this harness aroused huge interest at the Coupe Icare, but was limited to 50 units and sold out quickly. For the serial version, we significantly increased the harness’s comfort, usability and longevity by improving many details and using more robust materials.

A New Class

The new RANGE X-ALPS2 is the first choice for hike & fly athletes who want to fly to the limits in competitions, and for all XC pilots who rely on exceptionally lightweight equipment.

The fully EN/LTF certified RANGE X-ALPS2 weighs far less than two kilograms including protector and carabiners. With this new harness, skywalk is setting a new benchmark in the class of lightweight XC harnesses. XC pilots don’t have to forego anything as the innovative power distribution frame offers maximum comfort. You fly your paraglider intuitively and keep things under control even in turbulence. The unique airbag protector combines the advantages of foam and ram-air protectors and offers maximum protection during the launch phase with minimum packing volume. When you let out the air, the RANGE X-ALPS2 disappears into the smallest rucksack. An easy-to-follow Get-up system with two clasps makes it easy to put on. Easy-to-reach adjustment straps allow you to adjust your individual sitting position perfectly, even while flying. Lightweight, durable materials in the seat shell, straps, pod and the aerodynamic outer skin increase resistance to external influences and ensure that you enjoy flying your ultralight harness.

The RANGE X-ALPS 2 will be available in spring 2018 in three sizes from all skywalk dealers. Stay tuned!


Load distribution frame

Provides ideal pressure distribution and support. Guarantees high comfort while flying!

Inflatable airbag protector

Combines the advantages of foam and ram-air pressure protectors, and provides full protection during the launch phase. When the pilot lets out the air, the RANGE X-ALPS2 disappears into the smallest rucksack.

Minimum packing size

The RANGE X-ALPS2 can be folded very small with tiny packing dimensions.




Pilot height (cm)160 - 176173 - 185183 - 200
Harness certificationEN1651EN1651EN1651
Main protector certificationLTF91/09LTF91/09LTF91/09
Maximum load (daN)100100100