“On Friday evening, after a day of flying, we decided to go to Gemona for the weekend to escape the foehn-wind at home.

On Saturday, we launched at noon in Gemona and flew together to Meduno. After a few glider games and some soaring, we flew back to Gemona. Simon, Michi and I landed on top of Monte Canan, unpacked our sleeping bags and mats, and glided down to the valley for a sunset pizza. After dinner, we set off to climb the 1100 vertical meters back to the summit of Monte Canan where we spent the night under the stars. The next morning we launched from the summit and flew to the official launch site a few hundred meters further down where fresh marmalade croissants were waiting for us. After breakfast we laid out a 75km training task, which we were able to fly in fantastic conditions in 3 hours. And then suddenly the weekend was over.”


- Thomas Friedrich