Second PGAWC event in Kazakhstan is successfully over


Pilots flew 5 round actually in one day because due to bad weather in Saturday and Sunday. It was very interesting coz after 5th round 3 pilots had same score. After short opportunity for window open  in Sunday ,they  fly again for winner of competition. In that circumstanies old “wolf” Matjaz Feraric took 1st places ,second was Jafro Megawanto from Indonesia and 3rd Kerem Dincer from Turkey. In female ranking best was Indonesian female pilots Ike Ayu Wulandari on 1st places , Eka Nesti Wulansari on 2nd position and Ivana Balakova on 3rd. In teams ranking all places belong to Indonesian Teams Garuda 1 , Garuda 2 and Garuda 3.

Organization was perfect  and only bad weather could made bad expression but all pilots were satisfied on the end  coz we flew two day. One training day in Thursday and competition in Friday. It was good decision to dedicated Friday for competition day from this year. See you in Indonesia again in July. Good luck.


Text by PGAWC
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