Flying through New Zealand


skywalk team pilot Kilian Hallweger went to New Zealand to cross the alps. Together with his friends Markus Anders, Michael Malcharek and Nicolas Manthos he started his adventure to explore new things.


Kilians words:


“Paragliding offers many joys, but what we love most about it, is how easily you can go out and experience your own adventures. It can be just a single flight exploring unknown territories or using your glider as way of transportation to get into remote areas on a multiple day trip where flying is just the best option for. And that’s totally what we – Kilian Hallweger, Michael Malchereck, Nicolas Manthos and Markus Anders – were looking for. Going somewhere out into the nature, far away of the known tracks, exploring new mountain ranges and valleys, just heading out for our own personal adventure. Therefore we went to New Zealand last december to cross the alps on the south island. We made an awesome experience and had many great moments together. And now we want to share some of them with you. So here s a short trailer about our trip. Stay tuned there´s more to come!”


More to come soon…!


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