Simple. Modular. Versatile. | COMING SOON…


With the BREEZE we’re launching a recreational harness with a simple design that fulfills the most diverse demands. In short, it is: comfortable, safe, lightweight and modular!


The harness is available for pre-order as of now! Official product launch is beginning of April! 


PermAir LINE

Harness, carabiner, speed bar, cover, PermAir protector, Inflation Bag, rescue handle with inner container, front pocket with cockpit + optional HIKE backpack


Harness, carabiner, speed bar + optional HIKE backpack

>> The modular design of the BREEZE is one of the highlights and main features. The cover can be separated from the seat in just a few simple steps. That converts the PermAir LINE to the PURE LINE in less than a minute and reduces the weight of the already lightweight harness by 50% (!!)



>> Security was at the top of our to-do list for the BREEZE. With the BREEZE, we are integrating the PermAir technology – developed for the Red Bull X-Alps – for the first time in a recreational harness. The permanant air protector combines the advantages of foam and ram air protectors. PermAir offers maximum damping with minimal weight and space requirements in the rucksack.

Also the RECCO reflector is used in the BREEZE.



>> Besides the big compartment, which offers room for snacks, camera etc., the front pocket acts as cockpit at the same time. It has enough space for several instruments. The angle of the cockpit can be adapted to the visibilty conditions.


Pilot height (cm)155 - 172170 - 183182 - 195
Suspension points height (cm)414346
Harness weight (g) PERMAIR Set210022002300
Harness weight (g) PURE Set110011701240
Harness certificationLTF 91/09 & EN 1651:1999LTF 91/09 & EN 1651:1999LTF 91/09 & EN 1651:1999
Registration officeDHVDHVDHV
Maximum load (kg)120120120