Dear skywalk Pilots

We are all currently in a highly unusual, unprecedented situation.

Due to the COVID-19 virus crisis, we feel called upon to act accordingly, which is why many of our employees are currently working from their home offices. 

To carry out business operations as well as possible, we are continuing to work in smaller teams taking appropriate precautions at our location in Marquartstein.

Shipping is guaranteed and our supply chains are intact. Nevertheless, we ask for your understanding in case of delays.

Of course, we also try to avoid unnecessary contact, which is why we are currently unable to offer visits or pick up. We ask you for understanding in complying with this.

We appeal to every individual to comply with the regulations of the government to counteract the spread of the coronavirus.



Situation MESCAL6

The first series of the MESCAL6 is already in stock and will be delivered to flight schools and dealers first. We are aware that the training and testing season will be delayed. For this reason, it is important to us that once the situation has normalized, we will be able to make the gliders available to you pilots for testing in the schools as quickly as possible.

The official product release remains end of March. On the product webpage you will find all the necessary information about the MESCAL6 with Agility System as well as other details about the glider, once online.

Until the release we will of course continue to provide you with information, photos and videos about the glider and our new Agility System, which you can view from home and keep the spirit alive.

Stay tuned… (and at home..)!


Situation CAYENNE6

Due to the current absolutely necessary precautionary measures dictated by the government that affect all of us, the release of the CAYENNE6 will be delayed somewhat.

The fact is – the glider has been finalized and ready for certification testing. However, the DHV currently is not carrying out any certification flights, which also affects our CAYENNE6. As the situation is difficult to predict at the moment, we are unfortunately unable to make a detailed statement about the product release at this time.

Of course we hope for a quick normalization of the situation and for many good XC days, but first we have to wait and act according to the situation.

Should the situation change, we will of course inform you accordingly.

– Stay Safe, #StayAtHome!

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