First tour stop of the Bordairrace 2020

The first tourstop of the Bordairrace series 2020 took place in Aflenz/Hochschwab and was a success for all participants, organizers and skywalk! 6 skywalk wings in the top 15 from 74 competitors in total. We are proud of all skywalk athletes and pilots that representet us well!

Rank 1 – Simon Oberrauner

Rank 7 – Horst Altmann

Rank 9 – Thomas Friedrich

Rank 10 – Daniel Renner

Rank 12 – Benedikt Dornauer

Rank 13 – Markus Tripolt

Simon Oberrauner – Rank 1

“As challenging as it was, bordairrace Aflenz was an amazing adventure. The 33 hours nonstop Hike&Fly adventurerace luckily, took place more or less in my backyard: The mountain range of Hochschwab, which is the place where I learned XC-flying. We took of from Messnerin on Saturday, July 4th 2020 at 12 pm. The northern winds made it kind of hard to cover distance, but nevertheless I made quite good progress heading for Liezen. After apporximately six hours in the air, I landed just in front of Grimming. That’s where I knew I had to push my turnpoint for some more meters in order to gain some space between my fellow competitors and myself. So I hiked up to Grimming from the south side and even managed to soar for about six kilometers and set my turnpoint in midair. I was very lucky, because the strong winds and convergence took me another 38 kilometers back home. I landed in Rottenmann at 21.22 pm. and decided to walk to Gaishorn am See, where some friends of mine – Max and Mo – also wanted to spend the night. After four hours of good sleep we hiked Zeiritzkampel together and took off in perfect conditions. The winds from northwest made it easy to reach Aflenz in time, where I met my dad who perfectly supported me during the whole race. I am grateful for this perfect adventure.”

Elisa Deutschmann – Rank 2 (Women), Rank 39 (total)

“33 hours to get as far away as possible and back again. Only flying and walking is allowed. My first bordairrace went good. I hiked 4900 meters of altitude, 63 kilometers on the trail and flew the rest of the distance! Happy with my result. Thanks to everyone for this nice race and thanks Kili Hallweger for everything!”

Tom Friedrich – Rank 9

“Bordairrace Hochschwab is over i had two super cool days flying and hiking in front of more or less my home door. Flying conditions where challenging and i did some mistakes but for sure learned a lot. I took it quite easy from the beginning because i drive to switzerland for another big race, the Eigertour, tomorrow and could reach the 9th place in the end. Thank you @luca_harpf and @vanzi_l for the great support!”