Only girls in Bella Italia

If you love being in the air, you are looking for adventure and you are ready for a cool time among paragliding girls, then you are in the right place!

Together with Elisa Deutschmann (@Artivicial), a professional flight instructor who is always on your side (Luftikus) and lots of cool girls, we are going to start the first Paragliding Girls Camp.

The nature paradise Meduno is as versatile as us girls and that‘s why it‘s perfect for our time together. We will climb great mountains, bivouac on peaks, go on cross country flights, fly into the sunset, share our paragliding experiences and have an unforgettable time.

In order to be able to support you as best as we can during this time, we will provide you with skywalk equipment of your choice!

We are looking forward to a unique, cool and exciting time!

When: 01.11.20 – 05.11.20

Where: Italy, Meduno

Arrival: Self arrival

Accommodation: Camping (not incl.)

Suitable for: A-License Pilots

What you get:

  • Elisa sharing her experiences in paragliding as a women
  • Flying support by a paragliding instructor (LUFTIKUS)
  • Testing and flying the latest skywalk equipment
  • Connections to other paragliding girls
  • More experiences in paragliding


What awaits you?

  • Flying together
  • Hike&Fly
  • Crosscountry flying
  • Bivouac flying
  • Sunset flying
  • Groundhandling
  • Briefing
  • Sharing girls experiences
  • Cooking together
  • Having lots of fun


  (In case the event has to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, LUFTIKUS will refund the full price)