xc-sportster on the run…


Although the product release of our new xc sportster CAYENNE6 was delayed until June 2020 due to the current situation, CAYENNE6 pilots have been extremely successful on our C-glider this (short) summer!

On July 24th, Dani Martinez landed after a flight of just over 8 hours and 294 km XC-kilometers, thus having flown the longest distance ever on a C-glider in Spain.

Only a few days later, flatland guru Armin Harich siezed the next opportunity and flew a new record of 258 km from the Wasserkuppe in Germany.

Dominik Asteiner crowned the season on his CAYENNE6 with a clear 1st place victory in the sport class of the Austrian paragliding league! Results that speak for themselves…

All three pilots agree on the characteristics of the glider – the CAYENNE6 was built for pilots who like to fly XC at every opportunity, who prefer an efficient flying style, who fly a lot on bar.



Dani Martinez on the CAYENNE6:

“With the predecessor CAYENNE5 I felt directly connected to the wing. From the first thermal on I felt its reactions even before they occurred, because the C5 gave a lot of feedback. On longer glides the glider often seemed a bit nervous, and it was not always easy to fly it efficiently, which cost me a lot of energy.

The CAYENNE6 is a real game-changer here! It took a little longer to get used to at the beginning because the wing does not give as much feedback as its predecessor at first, but after a short time I felt very comfortable with it. The C6 gives me only the feedback that I really need. The glider is extremely stable in turbulence and it is very easy to keep the wing on course.

The fatigue-free and efficient SPEED CONTROL means that the pilot doesn’t even have to step out of the speed bar, so he can fly much faster and react more quickly in turbulence. I often unconsciously go full throttle because the C6 gives so much confidence when flying on bar.

I just love to cut through the air with the C6! You can see that skywalk focused on efficiency with the CAYENNE6, and they have succeeded in doing so.”