Live Video-Premiere


Finally Markus Anders and Nicolas Manthos are ready to present you some footage of their adventurous paragliding expedition into the heart of the Indian Himalaya. Markus and Nico went to the Indian Himalaya to combine bivouac flying with high altitude mountaineering in October 2019. They will show you fascinating footage of the Indian Himalaya from the bird’s eye view during their online-presentation.


The goal is to climb the 6443m high Menthosa Peak in Lahaul-Spiti province in Himachal Pradesh just with the help of their paragliders. They start in the famous paragliding site Bir Billing with all their gear, which is food for multiple days, climbing gear, paragliding equipment and bivouac equipment. On the route to Menthosa Peak the skywalk team pilots fly 150 km towards the north. Along the route they climb several mountains for a proper acclimatization, meet interesting people and animals and explore more of the fascinating mountain landscape in the Indian Himalaya. The plan is to topland close to the mountain, set up a basecamp, climb the mountain and fly back to Bir Billing.

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