Team pilot and talented XC-ace Felix von Mallinckrodt has been flying the SPICE2 for a little while now before the product launch, and could test the new ultralight xc sportster extensively. Felix knows the SPICE-series like no other as he had several podiums on the SPICE1. The 22 year old won the DHV-XC newcomer ranking in 2019. In 2020 Felix was 1. Place in the junior ranking DHV-XC  and at the same time was 2. Place in the sport class. Also he has a 233 km FAI, as well as a 218 km FAI flight under his belt with the SPICE1. 

Text - Felix von Mallinckrodt

After three years successfully flying my SPICE1, I was really happy to get the chance to test the SPICE2 in advance.

My first impression – low weight and minimal packing size – just how I like it.

The launch behavior of the new SPICE is very comfortable for its class and, in my opinion, is somewhat easier compared to its predecessor. The low glider weight makes launching in difficult terrain or challenging conditions possible, which is a big advantage for me. After the first take-off I felt comfortable right away under the SPICE2. The glider gives very precise feedback and flies a bit more relaxed in active air than the SPICE1. In combination with its direct handling, these are the ideal features for long cross-country flights.

I really like the performance on-bar combined with the new SPEED CONTROL system. This works intuitively, efficiently and is easy to incorporate into my very active flying style. 

All in all, I like the handling and performance of the new SPICE the most, especially the way the two interact. You can have a lot of fun with the glider at the launch site, fly huge wingovers and easy top landings, all thanks to its super handling. On the other hand, the performance of the SPICE2 is there for me to access any time I need it, which is optimal for me as an XC pilot.

This makes the SPICE versatile and, for me, the perfect companion. Especially the performance-plus in comparison to the predecessor allows me to clock in even more kilometers at the end of the day.