As with its predecessors, we have done everything we can to make the new CHILI shine uniquely in the category of “High-end B’s”. Five years after the release of the CHILI4, it was not easy to make a top product like this even better – but we succeeded. The premise with the new CHILI was a round and balanced overall concept. We didn’t just want to give the glider more power, we wanted to enable XC pilots to call up this extra power more easily and efficiently in all conditions. The CHILI5 is the first glider in our B-class to be equipped with the SPEED CONTROL system. 

The glider flies intuitively as pilot and glider quickly become one. This is especially noticeable when coring thermals. The core becomes easy to find and the glider climbs quickly.

For the passion of flying.
Relaxed XC flying with a comfortable feeling – balance has a new name.

/ Balanced
/ Intuitive
/ Efficient
/ High-Tech
/ New design

The CHILI can be ordered from your skywalk dealer immediately. First deliveries in July.