20 years of skywalk.

New products. New design. Same passion.


In 2021, skywalk is celebrating our 20th anniversary. We are overjoyed to be able to look back on an incredibly successful time in which we were able to implement so many of our ideas! And of course, the anniversary is also a chance for us to change. On the occasion of our birthday, we are redefining our product design as well as communication design. The new look continues the tradition of playful lines and unconventional arcs that have characterized our brand since 2001. At the same time, it looks sportier, more modern, lighter and also more technical – embodying our commitment to developing innovative high-tech products. Many elements of the design are also used in skywalk harnesses and backpacks, uniting all products into one aesthetic product family – state of the art. The distinctive “A” – our symbol for progress and innovative solutions – will remain.







The first model to appear in the new look is the CHILI5 – the latest generation of the high-end intermediate, which stands for skywalk’s “passion for flying” like no other and has significantly shaped our company history. Like its predecessors, the new CHILI represents the pinnacle of what is technically feasible in the EN-B class.

The year 2021 will be one of the most exciting in our company history stay tuned!

Design comparison on the top sail between the new classic and new lightweight design.

Design comparison between new classic and new lightweight design on the bottom sail. The classic design is equal on top and bottom sail. The lightweight design stays white at the bottom sail.