Body, Spirit, Soul.

The second Girlscamp this year in Sweden was all about these topics.

“I love the combination of different sports. Paragliding, Kiteboarding and Flareing can be perfectly combined in a place like this. When the wind is moderate you go flying, when the conditions are stronger you go out on the water.”

This is exactly why Elisa created the second camp in Sweden. A camp made to progress, to pursue your passion, to discover a new country and to spend time with yourself and other amazing people. 



A house in inland Sweden was the girls’ home for a week. Surrounded by flowers, fields, meadows and pure freedom. Space to unfold, take a deep breath and arrive. 

Because of the long journey, the girls arrived at very different times, so Elisa pre-cooked a pasta salad, packed beer and picnic blanket and prepared a small “warm up” at the dune by the sea. The group that arrived earlier took off to the air and collected their first flying hours – perfect for flying in and enjoying the area. Gradually the rest of the girls arrived and the evening ended with sunset.

When the rest arrived, went back inside. There were goodie bags, allocation of rooms and a short get-to-know-you session.

02 DAY 1


Each day had a motto for the participants to focus on. The first day was about letting go, breathing and stretching.

The day started with a yoga class. Then they had breakfast together and in the early morning they went to the sea for ground handling. The girls have tried different wings and sizes and got involved with the area. After a little refreshment they went to the second starting place. Because of the sideways and strong wind and the demanding conditions, the girls were taken by the tandem pros to explore the new area from above.

Every evening two girls were allowed to prepare a vegan meal. It was very cool to see how each of the participants got involved in the vegan style and how something delicious was conjured up.

The evening ended with a breath meditation.

03 DAY 2


Day two started with sunrise soaring and ground handling. At 11 a.m. they went to coffee “Olaf&Viktor” for a late breakfast. Pure taste experience. The Swedes know how to bake cakes. 

After breakfast the girls went back to the beach. There they played a game about trust and feeling. Two women always had to get together. One was blindfolded and the other had to lead her to the water without words, just with light touches. An exciting experience.

After that the wind had increased significantly and it was time for kiting. Since kiting was still new territory for many, there was an introduction to the basics first. From the construction, equipment to the start and the first meters in the water.

04 DAY 3


After the weather briefing and breakfast, the girls did some fascia training outside on the terrace. 

Then it was back to the playground. The girls have already made great progress in ground handling, glider control, take-off and landing. Because the girls liked the coffee so much, there was another trip to “Olaf&Viktor” in the afternoon to enjoy coffee and cake.

In the late afternoon, dune was the order of the day, where there was a yoga session on the subject of relaxation and gathering energy by the sea.

The early bird catches the worm. That’s why on day 4 early in the morning they went out to the slope to fly. The strong wind was perfect this time to let the girls fly with the TONIC’s. For many it was the first time with a mini wing and everyone was very enthusiastic. 

05 DAY 4


There was a second breakfast at the harbor and then the gang made their way to a beginner-friendly kite spot. All of the girls dared to go into the water and were able to make their first attempts at kiting. The water was very cold, so the sessions weren’t too long.

In the afternoon they went back to the dunes where the group flew until sunset, enjoying the view and feeling the sea air.

06 DAY 5


The fifth day is a little more relaxed and started later with a meditation session “in the here and now”. 

After a lap of flying and because of bad weather, the girls went to Ystad. An afternoon together in a wonderful Swedish city, full of flowers, delicious food and amazing handmade mugs.

Elisa and the participants ended the evening with tacos, a lecture and a film evening. 

The last full day started with a yoga class all about trusting yourself and your body.

07 DAY 6


The girls were very lucky with the wind and weather and were able to take to the air again on the last day. All the girls were saving at the same time and were able to enjoy flying to the fullest. In the afternoon we went to our favorite coffee one last time before we spent the last evening in the sauna.

At the end there was a barbecue and a mega sunset at the beach.