During a B-stall maneuver with a heavily used CHILI3 manufactured in 4/2014, several lines in the outer area broke. The pilot immediately deployed his reserve parachute and landed uninjured.

The inspection showed that the strength of the Technora lines was insufficient. In the case of the affected equipment, it’s most likely that frequent use in sand (dunes), as well as winch towing, led to an extraordinary weakening of the unsheathed Technora line. Comparable to a CHILI3 with a similar amount of wear, but without use in sand, the strength values of the affected lines were considerably higher.

skywalk nevertheless hereby issues the following safety notice in consultation with the DHV:

All CHILI3 owners are requested to check the protocol of the last inspection before the next flight. The value of the breaking strength of the line „small a1“ (LTC 85 daN Technora line) must be checked:

  • If this value is 55 daN or higher, no further action is required until the next check.
  • If the value is between 50 and 54 daN, the paraglider should get checked by an authorized check center within the next 20 flying hours.
  • If the value is below 50 daN, the paraglider must be checked by an authorized check center before the next flight.
  • If the breaking value of the line „a1“ is 54daN or less, two more lines (LTC 65 and LTC 45) must also be torn by the inspection company in order to check their strength as well.

CHILI3 owners who do not have a protocol of the last check of their CHILI3, please contact your skywalk dealer or skywalk directly before the next flight.

If you have any further questions, please contact us:
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