Ready to range.

Waiting is over: The new RANGE X-ALPS3 is now available💥

The RANGE X-ALPS has always been the top favorite among ultralight pod harnesses. Together with our X-Alps athletes and the feedback of convinced RANGE X-ALPS2 pilots, our development team has succeeded in optimizing and ultimately perfecting the predecessor once again.

It was designed primarily for weight-optimized XC pilots who prefer compact and comfortable equipment. Accordingly, the geometry and the seat shell were designed for high flight comfort – optimal for your long-distance flights. The aerodynamic silhouette ensures that you are as efficient and powerful as possible on course.

So that you can take everything important with you, every space was used wisely in the development of the RANGE X-ALPS3. Thus, you have enough storage space for your stuff even on longer trips.

Although the weight from 1.95kg and the pack size are extremely small, we have placed great emphasis on easy handling. Due to the intuitive handling, the RANGE X-ALPS3 is suitable for both Hike&Fly competition pilots and XC pilots. The PERMAIR technology offers you, thanks to the large protector, high passive safety and rounds off the overall package perfectly.


Whether you are a hike&fly athlete, XC pilot, vol-biv adventurer or travel enthusiast – with the ultra-light XC harness you will enjoy the highest comfort on long distances, easy ascents on your hike&fly tours, and reliable safety thanks to PERMAIR technology.

The new RANGE X-ALPS3 is now available at your skywalk dealer.