2-Liner performance made accessible


The beginning of a new era:  Our EN-C 2-liner MINT is available immediately 🔥

During the development of the wing, we were able to profit significantly from our many years of experience in 2-line construction. Based on our X-Alps glider, the MINT was primarily designed for experienced XC- and competition pilots. The refined design combines the simpler flight characteristics and higher passive safety of C-class gliders with the performance of higher rated equipment. Therefore, the MINT offers you top performance and intuitive handling – for efficient and fatigue-free cross-country hunting.

With the 2-liner MINT, the performance leap from B to C class is much more defined, opening up new horizons for you!

In the conception of the MINT, the highest value was placed on the tension distribution, so that the canopy is very stable for the class. Nevertheless, it provides you with the necessary feedback at any time. Due to the smooth handling of the accelerator and the possibility to stabilize the wing via the B-lines, you can hunt distances efficiently and without fatigue in accelerated flight. The sophisticated canopy design in combination with the 2-liner construction guarantee a high glide and climb performance. So nothing stands in the way of your flight to the top.

The MINT is particularly suitable for experienced climbers from the High B class who are flying their current glider to its full potential, as well as proven sport and competition pilots. The exceptional performance of the glider has already been impressively demonstrated in the first competitions of the season. At the Flory Cup, the MINT flew to 1st and 2nd place in the EN-C Sport Class🏆


Sizes 95, 105 and 115 are now available at your skywalk dealer. Sizes 75 and 85 are currently still in the certification process. The size 125 has received homologation in the meantime. Thus, sizes 75, 85 and 125 should be available by mid-May.

Convince yourself of the new 2-liner MINT and arrange a test flight at your skywalk dealer.