Sporty performance for up-and-coming pilots. Take off with confidence.

The sixth generation is ready for take-off: The TEQUILA6 is available now 🙌🏻

It is not for nothing that we are constantly striving to further develop our traditional TEQUILA. Even record-breaking pilots like Armin Harich rely on our perfected EN-B glider. Our sporty intermediate wing is ideal for pilots who want to gain their first cross-country experience after their training. The combination of surprisingly easy flight characteristics with outstanding performance ensures loads of fun.

The TEQUILA6 is sportier in character than its predecessor. The bank angle is very easy to control and dynamic flight manoeuvres are a pleasure thanks to the direct handling. The wing is smooth and gives you clear feedback. The initially rather low control pressure increases linearly and becomes noticeably harder before the stall.


The performance is easily accessible thanks to its smoothness and enhanced flight characteristics. Compared to its predecessor, the TEQUILA6 has gained significantly in performance due to the new construction and further developed manufacturing technology. The TEQUILA6 is easy to center in thermals, allowing for effortless and efficient circling, even in challenging conditions.

The sizes 75, 85, 95, 105, 115 and 135 are available now. 
Convince yourself of the new sporty intermediate TEQUILA6 and arrange a test flight at your skywalk dealer.