PACE Package

Good things come in small packages!

Our new lightweight is launched – the PACE Package! Besides the ultralight single skin PACE, it includes the purist harness SLEEVE and the 18 litre backpack ULTRA. Three products that match perfectly and are ready for progressive outdoor adventures: Whether climbing, trail running, Hike&Fly, bikepacking – the range of use of the PACE package is almost limitless, because the weight is so vanishingly low that you should just always have it with you.

Together with our ultralight products – the TAPA X-ALPS rescue and the DROP front container – the result is a safe overall package that is perfectly coordinated. The complete package weighs just over 2 kilograms!

Look forward to the new way of lightness 🪶

PACE Paraglider

In collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, we have developed an ultralight single skin that is second to none – the PACE is the lightest paraglider with EN-B certification!

In the smallest size, it weighs just 1.05 kilograms. It offers trail runners, climbers and all ambitious alpinists the perfect descent aid on demanding tours.

SLEEVE harness

In combination with our new 240 gram light harness SLEEVE you will experience the ultimate flying feeling. The SLEEVE is so small and compact that you can easily pack it in your jacket pocket. The deliberate decision not to use stiffening elements ensures that the harness adapts perfectly to your body size.

ULTRA backpack

The super light new ULTRA backpack completes the PACE package perfectly. Weighing just 315 grams, the backpack is based on the design of a running vest and offers several functional features. The volume of the 18 litre backpack provides enough storage space for the PACE and the SLEEVE.

TAPA X-ALPS rescue

The TAPA X-ALPS ultralight rescue was developed specifically for Hike&Fly and X-Alps pilots for whom every gram counts. The square rescue weighs in at a vanishingly small 784 grams in its smallest size, making it the ideal companion for pilots looking to perfect their lightweight gear.

DROP front container

The DROP lightweight front container offers you the possibility to pack your rescue to the minimum pack size and weight. The lightweight front container is ideal for mounting lightweight round and square rescues universally on a variety of harnesses.