Christin Kirst flies onto the the podium once again using the ARRIBA3


Christin Kirst can relax. The Chiemgauer has already won the German Long-Distance Flight Championship twice. More than anything she enjoys walks in mountains; for her, performance-oriented cross-country flying ranks a close second.

At the end of the 2016 season, Christin ended up placing second in the overall ranking of the German XC Championship. After 2015, Christin has returned to her beloved ARRIBA3, the wing that she relies on for her walk and fly races, mountaineering trips, and expeditions. And as a side note, in 2016 she also scored a new personal record: a 215-kilometer FAI triangle, one of the largest ever flown by a woman.


We would like to congratulate her on her 2nd-place finish and on her record flight! More info can be found here: