N6: Große Zinne (2.999 m), Piz Badile (3.808 m), Eiger (3.967 m), Matterhorn (4.478 m), Grandes Jorasses (4.208 m), Petit Dru (3.733 m)

In the early morning of September 13th at 5.30 a.m. the project NORTH6 started, which is to connect the classic north faces of the Alps – 6 peaks, three countries – with each other: mountaineering, climbing, roping down, paragliding, skiing, road biking. Depending on the requirements and conditions of the mountain, wall and route, the Salewa-skywalk athlete Simon Gietl and his friend Roger Schäli were on the road. The team spent the approximately 1000 kilometers between the selected north faces in the bike saddle. In total, it was 30,770 vertical meters in the ascent and 29,470 vertical meters in the descent, which the well-rehearsed team completed. 

Congratulations and respect for this achievement! We are happy to have Simon Gietl on our team and look forward to further great projects that combine alpinism and paragliding.