Setting new standards…

With the release of the CAYENNE6 we were using our new developed TX-Light-Cloth for the first time. The cloth has truly outstanding properties.

The TX-Light (TX stands for Triple-X) is based on the extremely aging-resistant X-Light material, which we have used thousands of times in surf kites of our brand FLYSURFER and which shines with very good durability even under hardcore saltwater/sandy and UV-intensive conditions.

The new TX-Light material sets new standards for lightweight materials. Its outstanding aging resistance is combined with a 30% improvement in tear resistance.

How are such improvements possible? In addition to the proven double ripstop threads, two additional reinforcing threads are woven into the center of the TX-Light’s existing rip-stop body. Thus, 3 different reinforcements are intelligently integrated into the fabric.

The ripstop threads increase per se the strength of the fabric in a linear fashion and, with the TX-light, also effectively optimize the non-reinforced surfaces of the fabric.

The picture clearly shows the structure with the resulting Ultra-Ripstop, i.e. extremely small areas between the reinforcing threads.

The advantage:

in addition to the 30% increase in tear strength, this structure offers above all a much higher seam strength! This is logical, because if a seam is overloaded, the material always tears as far as the next ripstop thread. If this distance is short, the seam will last much longer. Furthermore, the additional reinforcement threads have a noticeably positive effect on the diagonal stiffness of the fabric.

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers real added value with another long-lasting, innovative product.

We celebrated the premiere of the TX-Light on the CAYENNE6. So far it is being used on gliders like the SPICE, ARAK AIR, or CHILI.

Many more to come…