“It all started with a crazy idea. Stumbled upon a beautiful landscape picture from Kyrgyzstan on IG. A few weeks later, flights and an off-road car were booked. In the carry-on: splitboards, sleeping bags, climbing gear, and the PACE. A pack of Marlboro Reds, Vodka, and a couple of Swiss Victorinox knives for any potential negotiations.”



“Landed in Bishkek, paid for the rental car with a few old dollar bills, and we were already on our way. Passing the second-largest saltwater lake towards Karakol- the mecca of winter sports in Kyrgyzstan. Napping at the Black Market in Karakol and making the first turns in the ski resort.

We quickly identified the first and only tandem pilot in the sky. Thanks to Google Translate, we were able to speek a few words with him. The lift takes you up to 3,200 meters. The launch site is right on the slope. Normally, you would have a beautiful view towards Khan Tengri at 7,010 meters. However, fog dominated that day. Thanks to the easy launch handling of the PACE and its fast speed, I had a perfect speedflying flight between forest clearings and Kyrgyz ski attempts.”



“It was clear to us that we had to go deeper into the mountains to find better snow. We set up our base camp in Jyrgalan, near the Chinese border at the foot of the Khan Tengri range. Perfect snow – time for splitboarding. After a few fantastic days, the idea of riding horses up the mountain and flying down emerged. That’s how Horse&Fly came about. After initial attempts to stay on the horses, we were already on our way. It’s unbelievable what these animals are capable of in deep snow.

Due to the increasingly strong wind, we decided not to launch from the summit. The horses found something to eat, and we have made ourselves ready for take-off. Launching with strong wind was on. The horses must have had a good laugh. After a few attempts, we were in the air. Incredible view. Snow-covered valley in front of us, the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan behind us.”



“The opportunity to climb a snowy mountain with semi-wild horses and then fly down into the valley will stay with us for a long time.

In the second week, we traveled from north to south. There are a thousand beautiful little Hike&Fly routes that can be easily reached from the villages. Red sandstone, black frozen lakes, and wild camels. It’s incredible how diverse Kyrgyzstan is.

From the capital, Bishkek, there are opportunities for day trips to beautiful Hike&Fly routes or Horse&Fly adventures. For longer distance flights and better access to the mountains, it’s worth visiting Kyrgyzstan in the summer.

For any necessary permits, vodka, Marlboro Reds, or a Victorinox pocket knife will help.”


🐎 Horse&Fly Gang: Armin, Wädi, JP
✍🏻 Text: JP Furrer
📸 Photos: Elias Roesl